The Kenora 2008 Environmental Business of the Year

Our all natural products are better for your skin, better for the environment, simply better! Sunrise Soaps are hand made from all vegetable products, they are biodegradable, 100% phosphate free and cruelty free. The good strong laser pen type is different.

All Natural

Our products contain no animal products, no alcohol, no artificial perfumes, no additives and no dyes.

We are palm oil free!

Only the finest olive oils and specialty vegetable oils are used. Subtle colours, textures and scents are derived from natural herbs, spices, botanicals, and pure essential oils. All of our soap bars contain rosemary extract, a natural preservative and an antioxidant with many beneficial properties. Our soaps are wrapped in environmentally friendly materials.

Hand Made

These hand stirred and hand cut soaps are naturally beautiful. Recommended for all skin types, they are exceptionally mild, gentle, and long lasting. Sunrise soaps retain natural glycerin, making our soaps true glycerin soaps.